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The Makunouchi Bento, or traditional japanese lunchbox, is a highly lacquered wooden box divided into quadrants, each of which contains different delicacies. It is also one of the most familiar images of Japan’s domestic environment.

Reading the box as both an object and a metaphor, Felix Petrescu (Waka X) and Valentin Toma (Toma Carnagiu, fka Qewza) founded this cinematic / experimental / electroacoustic project back in late 2000.

The two Romanians have somehow managed to put together quite a reasonable discography so far: 5 albums and 4 personal compilations, 7 OSTs, 26 EPs and 12 singles (released on netlabels you’d have heard of, back when that was a thing), a few live recordings, songs featured on more than 45 compilations, remixes and collabos with artists such as Selfmademusic, Silent Strike, Daniel Dorobanţu, Nagz, Kaneel, Tao, Adapt, Autorotation, Trompetre, and the list goes on.

They’re both passionate cinephiles, so they seized each opportunity to write soundtracks (the non-imaginary ones include 1 feature film + 4 shorts + 1 animation + 12 short documentaries + 1 unborn videogame) and to perform live rescoring (people have been exposed to 3 films + 1 documentary + a set of 12 short documentaries). But expect anything you’ve already heard before, and you’re in for a wee surprise.

Valentin Toma

Toma Carnagiu

Felix Petrescu


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Fed up with the conformism and mimicry of the "strenuous" guitar music they grew up with, Felix "Waka X" Petrescu and Valentin "Qewza" Toma plunged into the ocean of imagination, where every swimming and diving style is allowed, and woke up (now and then) above the waves.

Mimo Obradov at Timișoara [newspaper]

The two guys from Timișoara fill it with carefully collected, exotic and rare sounds, mixed in never-heard-before compositions, usually inspired by literature, physics, metaphysics, gastronomy, biology, philosophy, and the list is always open.


Their lunchbox has many more surprises than anyone could imagine. This could easily be the soundtrack of a David Lynch film or a rainy, gray Romanian December afternoon.

Mario Nkundiushuti at Babylon Noise

Sound for the polydactyl cat within you. A collection of oriental audio stimuli that will grow fingers and replace your missing phantom limbs.

Lucian Ştefănescu at Europa Liberă

The few hundred songs they've written and offered to the world in all these years are like an endless stroll in the eternally virgin and inviting land of experiment.

Lucian Ştefănescu at Europa Liberă

The presskit includes also a doc with the extended biography/resume, together with a large archive of hi-q photos.