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    The album was conceived for the “Retracing Bartók” series, a cultural archeology multidisciplinary project, part of Timișoara 2021 European Capital of Culture. It was co-produced by Jazz Updates and TM2021, and curated by the NY based Romanian pianist Lucian Ban, together with Jazz Updates. The live act sees Silent Strike and Makunouchi Bento together on stage, with special live visuals by Dan Basu.


    Bodrog is a DIY no-budget almost-horror mokumentary set in the sinister village of Bodrogu Vechi (Old Bodrog). We invite you to enjoy this live performance based on the movie’s soundtrack by Makunouchi Bento, also featuring some originally, unreleased music by the film director, Selfmademusic. A mixture between the original soundtrack, initial music created by the director and some moments of live improvisation with experimental ambient.


    Science Night is a tribute to the fascinating world of scientific documentaries of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, a period in history when science was taken with great interest and curiosity by everyone. The popularity of SciFi  was rising and the future was the step that most people wanted to take wearing astro-boots. Technically, Science Night is an audiovisual project (DJ + VJ + feeling). Basically, the whole space of the event becomes an enchanting relaxing zone. We offer a trip without obscure substances or opiates (no other than those which our brains produce by themselves).