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Makunouchi Bento/An Architecture Celebrating the Failure of Capitalism

An Architecture Celebrating the Failure of Capitalism

An Architecture Celebrating the Failure of Capitalism


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A1 Frode Kvinge Flatland - Arriving
A2 Snasen feat. Hanan Benhamar - Robie Leaks Dungeon Style
A3 Ánndaris Rimpi Frode Kvinge Flatland - Giolek Sorbi
A4 FFB Interviews Carmen Gheorghe - Field Recording
A5 Ánndaris Rimpi feat. Eystein Talleraas - Ferentari
A6 Plevna feat. Eystein Talleraas - Vulturilor
A7 Plevna feat. Håvard Arnhoff - My Past
A8 Bjarni Frimann Bjarnason & Frode Kvinge Flatland feat. Eystein Talleraas - Rooftop Research
A9 Plevna - Outro
B1 Alexander Rishaug - Skievvar
B2 Nina Afanasyeva & Ánndaris Rimpi - Arsjogk
B3 Plevna & Iver Storodden, Sven Nyhus - Braci
B4 Plevna & Kristian Åsmundstad - Miau
B5 Makunouchi Bento - Owlscape 05:04
Vinyl Edit
B6 Rudow - Jakal dem Dakel
B7 Ánndaris Rimpi - Elverkpsalmen
Label: Bergen Kunsthall
Catalog Number: BKR001
Format: 12"
Release Date: 2020.09.04

In the book shop at Bergen Kunsthall you can find FFB’s brand new LP! “FFB An Architecture Celebrating the Failure of Capitalism” is the first ever LP produced by Bergen Kunsthall and documents audio works and soundtracks from FFB’s previous projects.
Side A: A Sonic Sketch for Rroma Utopias, 2016
Side B: Various tracks from FFB/Nango projects 2013 – 2020


Through our projects we have come to realize the potency of using architecture as a tool to shed light on subversive, often neglected social and political topics. Through “A space for disagreement”, our intention has been to expand the image of the architect and open up for a more complex debate concerning architecture, democracy and society. Through a method resembling an activist / performative practice, we have attempted to generate myriad cultural complexities, confronting the nature of our contemporary Scandinavian cities and communities. The commons can be seen as cross-sections of our ideals, litmus tests of our collective cultural tolerance. Who is entitled to free expression, and in what way? How does the idea of shared ownership work, and to what extent is censorship controlling democratic space? In short, these common spaces produce interesting readings.


The starting point for each project is frequently the identification of a questionable view exhibited by regional majority populations. Subsequent collaborations with site-specific alternative and marginal groups and individuals strive to challenge the belief that cultural advancement and superiority follows democratic and capitalistic values. The creation of collaborative achievements abolishes delineation between US as decision-making architects and THEM as target group users.


An Architecture Celebrating the Failure of Capitalism documents audio works and soundtracks from previous projects by FFB. Published as part of an exhibition by FFB at Bergen Kunsthall, 4 September – 8 November 2020.


First edition of 300 copies.


Makunouchi Bento – Owlscape


The composition “Owlscape” was made for an outdoor site-specific installation in Timișoara, Romania (with, among others, the Roma coppersmith Lajos Gabor). The site was a park with an abnormally large urban colony of long-eared owls. To accompany a large owlhouse built from copper and locally sourced materials, the experimental / electronica duo Makunouchi Bento (Felix Petrescu / Valentin Toma) made a looping sound composition that was played from hidden speakers in the trees.




Track B5 written, produced, mixed and mastered by Felix Petrescu and Valentin Toma (Makunouchi Bento)