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Makunouchi Bento/Ghostophonia



Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento

Tracks info

01 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Sun Falls Silent 06:26
02 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Winds Veiled in Darkness 03:51
03 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Underwater Cemetery 03:52
04 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Break from the Cellars 05:35
05 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Scythe-Wielding Crones 03:26
06 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Slop Wretched 03:07
07 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Rhythm of the Noose 05:44
08 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Lost Youth 06:01
09 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Hidden Beholder 05:13
10 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Fallen Hunters 06:07
11 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Our Turn to Hear Them 02:28
12 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Fingers Gliding 02:13
13 Silent Strike & Makunouchi Bento - Descending to the Center of Earth 05:22
Label: Cinemaude
Catalog Number: CNM001
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2020.02.13

When the Sun Falls Silent, the first pack of ghosts start painting the walls bright red.
Their lips clatter repeatedly, summoning Winds Veiled in Darkness.
Skeleton horses and old rusted carriages slowly carry their families to the Underwater Cemetery.
Heavy chains Break from the Cellars, crawling on their bellies across the scorched grass.
Merry Scythe-Wielding Crones collect mandrake by the new moon’s light.
Boats made of pork ribs and lard Slop Wretched after completing their task.
The bride’s uncle creaks his bones to the Rhythm of the Noose.
Soldiers with golden buttons for eyes glean their Lost Youth from the TV.
Any Hidden Beholder would transform into a hollow tree when spotted.
Ghosts of the Fallen Hunters feed the ghosts of their prey with table scraps.
If they can hear us now, it will be Our Turn to Hear Them.
The violin player launches into a joyful song, his Fingers Gliding over the diners.
All return to the deafening train Descending to the Center of Earth.




A concept album loosely based on the folklore music from the region of Banat, Romania, collected and recorded by Béla Bartók on phonograph cylinders, roughly a century ago.


Retracing Bartók: Ghostophonia live demo – recorded in Timișoara, 2019.06.01.

An event by Jazz Updates and Timișoara 2021, curated by Lucian Ban and Jazz Updates.




All tracks written, produced, mixed and mastered by Ioan Titu aka Silent Strike [Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram], Felix Petrescu and Valentin Toma (Makunouchi Bento)


Artwork by Sorina Vasilescu aka Vazelina [Web, Facebook, Instagram, Blog]

Tracklist image by Dan Basu [Web, Facebook, Instagram]

Album Reviews

As Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares did two decades ago, Ghostophonia offers a new generation a way to expand their sonic horizons. The difference between this release and Le Mystère is that Silent Strike and Makunouchi Bento are not aiming for the mainstream; their musical archaeology is centered on intrigue. Read more...

Richard Allen at A Closer Listen

Ascutînd această muzică, eu unul am avut senzația că e vorba de fapt de o comuniune stranie aici, pentru că melodiile culese de Bartók și construcțiile sonore pe care Silent Strike și Makunouchi Bento le așează peste ele, în văluri dense de sunete, par să fi fost făcute dintotdeauna unele pentru altele, astfel încît am putea crede că cei trei nu au făcut altceva decît să descopere asta, acum, absolut întâmplător. Read more...

Lucian Ștefănescu at Radio Europa Liberă Moldova

For this material, they created an immersive and multilayered journey that blends old sounds with modern equipment and techniques, bringing forward a mind-bending approach to music which has been almost forgotten in the mists of time. From complex drones and otherworldly textures to deep static insertions, grainy vocal samples and abstract percussive elements, this LP has all it takes to become a classic release for the Romanian experimental music culture. Read more...


Once the first layer is deleted there is always deeper and more disturbing layers triggering further replays. Ghostophonia retrieves accidental analogue troubles and finally settles as an ubiquitous enlivened visitor ghost-guest house. Ghostophonia will be one of the albums of the year because it eschews high cultural fidelity and still stays true to its source material. Read more...

Ștefan Tiron at TimeSpace Warps

Getting inspiration from the invisible and mysterious they have managed to reassemble ghostly shades and hyper-realistic flickers with the assistance of more or less traditional sounds. [...] For the reviewer here it is the first notch from the new decade to be truly worthwhile. Read more...

Borealiscape at Recent Music Heroes

The induced-state of the project is one of an imaginary soundtrack for a movie that will never be.. so you have to dream it yourself. Apart from the ghostly voices, you can hear lots of bass-heavy percussions, various bells, glitches, and ambient atmospheres. The sound surprises the listener by its diversity, everything changes not only from one song to another but also inside each track. Read more...

Miron Ghiu at Black Rhino Music

That’s where the real ghosts come in, as some of those voices are threaded throughout this album’s tracks in subtle ways that enhance the “goings on.” This is done skillfully without relying too heavily on the old recordings, so it doesn’t turn into a nostalgia trip. Read more...

Albert E. Trapezoid

Sun Falls Silent: Interesting mix of styles. Very attractive sounds. This is high on the creativity spectrum, although not an easy listen. I like the processed vocals. It's a little hard to review because it's so leftfield, what to judge it by? I like the denseness of it and the mix of found objects. There's sense in the chaos somehow. Nice work.

Death Row Archie at KVR Audio

I've been enjoying listening to this while wanding around the sodden countryside.

Leafcutter John

Interpretations of Romanian folk music as collected by Bela Bartók on phonograph cylinders... A collaboration between Romanian glitch/electroacoustic/ambient duo Makunouchi Bento and an artist I’m not familiar with, Silent Strike. Unidentifiable ambient washes with delicate, spidery tree branches of sound, ghostly voices drifting in and out... Heavy winter vibes... Read more...

Brandon at Super Super Sounds