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Makunouchi Bento/Homenaje: Madrid 11-Marzo-2005

Homenaje: Madrid 11-Marzo-2005

Homenaje: Madrid 11-Marzo-2005

Various Artists

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CD 1

01 No Artist - 1 Minuto de Silencio por Madrid 01:00
02 Gintas K - Kazkas Neaiskaus 01:48
03 Makunouchi Bento feat. Tao - Living in Movie Screens 04:27
Contains vocal samples from The ME Band - TV-Show.
04 Danubius - Doină de Ardeal 02:42
05 Ambassador 21 - Bodro Veselo I Naglo 02:07
06 Francisco López - Untitled #164 exe 05:04
07 Difra - Silvia 03:32
08 Phelios - Deception Point 07:19
09 Solypsis - Peeling Scabs 00:39
10 Hamish Binns - Isabel and the Woodpeckers 03:55
11 Marcelo Radulovich - Fábrica De Besos 02:16
12 Phanton Formation - Over the Streets (Remix) 04:20
13 Club le Bomb & Red Fred - Come To 03:42
14 Mute Freak - Hole in My Mind 02:10
15 Wolfmangler - Slavic March 02:55
16 Thud - Here Comes My Bum 02:26
17 Jansky Noise - Azote Previse 06:09
18 Rec_Overflow - No Olvides Esto 05:10
19 Andrew Campbell - Avenida de América Metro 01:57
20 Unknown Artist - Me lo dijo un pajarito 07:53

CD 2

01 Organillo - Plaza Mayor (Field Recording) Madrid 01:11
02 Commando 9mm - Mañana 01:57
03 Leafcutter John - The Lesson 05:54
04 Winner - Cars 03:37
05 Silvania - Lección de Vuelo 04:47
06 Kim Cascone - Parasitic Transmissions (for Madrid) 06:57
07 Rubén García - {...} 05:01
08 Deathsitcom - Rotes Madrid 02:41
09 Infectator - Deliberet 03:10
10 Guitarra - Plaza Mayor (Field Recording) Madrid 03:25
11 Jaap Blonk - Qrito 03:52
12 22 Jolies Îles Au Rhum - Singing Postcard 02:45
13 DJ Yves St Laurent - Recontextualised Artschool Lunchbreak 00:33
14 V/Vm - Jesús Ramirez 03:12
15 Faltones - Black n' Decker's Love 03:18
16 A Crown of Amaranth - A Soft Muzzle 02:45
17 Siq V's David Quirat - 786B (Remix) 01:15
18 Proyecto Mirage - You Know What I Like 04:29
19 Nasakenai Douji - Strange Love 03:00
20 Arc Gotic - Tristan 02:22
21 Tim Hecker - T-Bone (Remix by H>OST) 02:50
22 Paco Raball - Comerte los Morros 00:36
Label: Rackham Records
Catalog Number: ARR1103
Format: 2 x CD
Release Date: 2005.03.13

Rackham Records:

I like the MB track because it has balls, and it’s punchy. Perhaps with Makunochi Bento there’s an aroma of Martini, and if anyone knows something about the history and quality that is Martini then that cannot be a bad!!!!
Perhaps it’s easy to find a track of this kind, but not so easy to find a track of this kind with vocals, and that’s why it stood out for me. the song has attitude, bite; it’s like a strong drink with a kick of lemon. Makunouchi Bento deliver a movie screen full of audio that will wet your appetite.
But honestly it’s easy perhaps to find a track of this kind, but not so easy to find a track of this kind with vocals, and that’s why it shone for me, the song for me has an essence which really bites, like a drink with a kick and shot of lemon, Makunouchi Bento deliver a movie screen full of audio which can wet your appetite, well at least I hope it does, as it did mine!!!!
By the way I’ll have a Perfect Long Martini, hope to see you at the bar or at least living on movie screens.



Makunouchi Bento – Living in Movie Screens (Voice © The Me Band) angular, headstrong electronics, take the early Skam blueprint, distort it a little, and add a vocal. I actually picked the track because for me it’s rare to find a combo like this with a vocal that really works, normally vocals are absent or just simply not required. As for the beats, they are Jega esk, or primitive V/Snares, again another quality contribution for our CD/Album, and a rare find!




Double album tribute to Madrid, Spain to commemorate the anniversary of the bombings on 3.11.2004 (but released on March 13, 2005 to show their respect for a 3 day grieving period).




Track 03 (CD 1) written and produced by Felix Petrescu and Valentin Toma (Makunouchi Bento), Julien Neto aka Tao [Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud]; vocals by Mark Wilkinson (The ME Band [Web]); mixed and mastered by Felix Petrescu and Valentin Toma (Makunouchi Bento)


Artwork by Javier Botet


Curated by Andy MacGregor aka Jansky Noise [Web]