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The One 01 compilation is the first release presented by One, which describes itself in the title bar as yet another netlabel. The label claims that their purpose is not defined, and this compilation strongly supports this claim. The gamut of electronic music sound is represented on this release, with IDM, retro computer sound, melodic, acid trance, and spacey ambience present. There’s even tracks that venture more into Chemical Brothers and indie rock territory. This is definitely one of the most eclectic electronic compilations around. More importantly, most of the individual tracks are very well produced. I really enjoyed the Plosive track “Pavlovian Fear” and the Randomajestiq track “Meskalin13.” But, I believe that most fans of electronica will find at least one of the compilation’s tracks will appeal to them.
I recommend this release, although the compilation must be considered in its individual parts because of its heterogeneous nature.