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For some reason I put off listening to 101 even though I’ve gone through most of One’s other releases already, including the recent ones by Transient and Partikel that blew me away. But, it was their birthday recently so I decided to add it to my One collection. In some regards I’m glad I did this – because in retrospect 101 certainly represented where they wanted to go but now it’s evident as the year went by and they got more accustomed to the releases they chose their maturity started to shine. In fact, maybe they even proved their progress by improving beyond this great/popular compilation. Intentionally? Featuring staples such as Lackluster, Sense, Makunouchi Bento, and many more (including a great commercial techno track by Whitenoiz, programmer of some very unique and powerful VSTs) 101 definitly would have stood out for me as a particularly good release for a net label if I had gotten it at the time of its release. But now, its stature is a little lower on the totem pole if only because of where One has gone since this release. There are definitly some classics on this record though such as Randomajestic’s “Mescalin 13”, Plosive’s first net label appearance “Pavlovian Fear” and Ronny Pries’ “Bc022”. You can also see the evolution of their residency roster if you compare the latter of 2004’s releases with 101. Hopefully we’ll soon see the same sort of release to compare with in 2006. Happy birthday One!