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There is up another wondrously humming release being truly stunning due to its atmospheric layers and lunatic rhythmic sections as if coming out of a helium-filled globe. It chimes like a modern sound enclosure of a fairy tale within one can hear mystical and hyper-realistic tendencies. The fairies are dancing and unicorns are flying. The Romanian combo’s music fosters your longing fantasies and drops you down into magic layers to get away from this bleak world. So yes, the music lends validity to the narrative, and vice versa. At times one may say it is a half-way into The Caretaker’s aesthetics but it then would take the path elsewhere. For example, the listener can discern uncanny, jazz and improvised music leaves being filtered through the aether in the midst of the mix. Just listen to it because the words and sentences are way too imperfect to translate this 3-notch issue. It is an absolutely brilliant art ghost.