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I got a brief email the other day from Makunouchi Bento pointing me towards their latest netlabel release and I eagerly scampered off to make the Internet give up its magic goods for me. A chattering ambient release that travels through the tiny mental processes of a microscopic creature, Balada Unui Creier Mic hums and chirps with crystalline sound. There are field recordings from lost hallways and decrepit underground tunnels worked into the looping insectoid music, recordings that are captured at ground level as if the listener were only a half inch tall. The final track, “Spanipig,” loops back around into “Circes” as the whole EP works as a Möbius strip of sound that easily lends itself to multiple listens. You are sitting in an underground station waiting for a train to arrive and just listening to the patterns of sound that echo through the tunnels, getting lost in the rhythms of humanity as its mirrors the same haphazard movement of small insects in their tiny burrows. Distant voices of children haunt the scattered electronic particles of “Licure” while “Usa Farmaciei 8” is filled with the rustling sound of locust wings and the off-kilter sound of childhood instruments being played by tentacled space creatures. This EP makes me feel like an alien, like an extraterrestrial listening to an illicit transmission from some foreign place. I have no reference points with Balada Unui Creier Mic and, for the brief moment of this EP, I’m completely lost, mesmerized by the sound of a strange place.