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There was a time, before mp3 turned the music industry into a piece of haywire, when the internet had its own destinctive music culture. We organized ourselves in “netlabels”, publishing music for free.
Back then, netlabels where about conveying an idea about music. Think Warp Records as a prototype, something you can rely on. Be it a sound itself or a range of artists searching for one.
Miasmah was one of those genre-defying ones. Open for experimentation. My longtime buddy Felix P and his mate Valentin always pushed the DAW to the extreme of that. Often leaving me wondering how the fuck they realized their music.
In 2002 eg granular synthesis, physical modelling etc was very different, difficult and oftwn cumbersome to use. Keep that in mind when listening to this super organic music. Still sounds like a little miracle to me.
Mipoetri’s my fave here.