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There’s a certain added level of listening excitement when you become so immersed in the music on a “various artists” album, that it’s only half way through when you remember that you are actually listening to music created and played by a number of different musicians, since it exhibits such a consistency of flow and melody, rhythm and feel, that you’d been thinking it was all the work of one set of musicians. That’s just the case here as a whole ocean of downtempo ambient electronic music ebbs and flows as one, a vein of lifeblood running through the heart of its sublime, relaxing and soaring melodies and harmonies anchored with solid electro-percussive/bass foundations. It is somehow ironic, but nonetheless quite welcome, that just after experiencing the joys of the releases by Kerry Leimer, track two, ‘Nano’ should bear more than a passing influence with some of that musician’s early work. The whole album, featuring exclusive tracks from the likes of Circular Ruins, Vir Unis, Saul Stokes and more, is an engagingly rhythmic, downtempo mass of warm, multi-textured ambient music, as layer upon synthesized layer are created and arranged. From heavenly paradise to melodic ambient satisfaction, solid and soaring, this has a similar feel to the first Mali Rain and similar sounding albums, features no fillers whatsoever, and is a 100% successful set of gorgeousness.