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The compilation starts with Mantacoup’s “Sap”. Strange effects and melodic bell sequences set the tone for this serene and pleasant composition. Shimmering notes and bright moods are what this track is all about, sort of a very delicate kind of Berlin School. The rhythms are laid-back and never dominate. Carbon Boy aka Andrew Ostler continues with “Nano”. The track has an IDM vibe to it, with subtle broken rhythms, sampled atmospheres and deep, stiff bass lines. I enjoyed its ambient feel – it could be played in any environment without distracting too much from one’s activities, making this a true Ambient composition, in the sense Eno meant it. “Empathy Test” by The Circular Ruins is heavy on synth soloing on top of experimental atmospheres. Interesting track and certainly worth your time. Anthony Paul Kerby (the man behind The Circular Ruins) definitely has his own, easily recognizable style that’s halfway between the traditional Berlin School of Electronic Music and modern experimental soundscapes. Next track is by Spielerei which is in fact a project of Databloem label’s founder Dennis Knopper. It starts in a deep Ambient mode, with slow pads, until the sequenced rhythms gradually glide up to the surface. This is a cheerful, major-key composition with some experimental textures and a modern approach. The sonic alchemist Saul Stokes makes an appearance on this compilation with “Sopra”. Strange rhythms are what we hear in the first seconds of this track. Analogue experimental atmospheres soon enter the stage – great, unusual textures. There’s a funny synth lead line which gives spice to this great relaxed nonchalant track. The best cut so far. Psychetropic (Todd Fletcher) gives us “China Radio Sunshine” – an enjoyable rhythmic EM journey. There are strong dub influences in this track, combined with more typical sequences and electronic atmospheres. A track by ENV(itre) called “Qulina” is next. This is a pleasant and interesting number, featuring melodic sequences and sporting a fairly emotional approach overall, although the rhythms are too heavy (and too “techno”) for my taste. On to Makunouchi Bento’s “Mipoetri”. There’s not much to say except that it’s typical “IDM” music that relies heavily on sampling and loop techniques. The least interesting track of the lot, from my point of view. Not bad stuff, just not that exciting and generally not my cup of tea at all. On “Misty Hills” Subradial (aka Tomasz Szatewicz) uses processed sounds and electronic instrumentation to create an ambient, somewhat brooding atmosphere. A nice track and more dark than the bulk of what’s found on the sampler. Very interesting rhythms seemingly made up various found sounds are an asset as well. Vir Unis’ “Bead Game” is a massive slab of fat atmospheres and skillful electronic grooves. It’s certainly up there with the best tracks on this compilation with it’s rich, vibrant sound and cosmic drama. The disc closes with Cyscape’s “Elumina” which is a slightly shortened version of a track that appeared on the “Deep Sea Explorer” album. Although it’s not the best composition from that great CD, it still provides you with nice calming atmospheres, subtle rhythms and aquatic electronic sounds. “Collection 2: Moving” is a nice set of varied soundscapes. The best tracks are in my opinion those by Saul Stokes, Vir Unis and Subradial.