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If the first collection was not good enough for you, then you really are the most difficult person in the world to please. Just to remind you that I awarded a rating of 100 out of 10 to the first album. My maths may be suspect, but my thoughts about music are very precise.
The opening track by the Dutchman who records under the name of Mantacoup is absolutely superb. Sap is one of those precious tracks that grabs and hold the attention in a vice like grip despite being gentle on the ears and overtly ambient. For over 8 minutes, I was spellbound listening to what is now my favourite ambient track.
How can Carbon Boy better that with Nano? Well not quite in the same league, but its still beats most ambient music hands down. The laid back piano notes drift across the sound stage as if they came from Roger Eno. Its certainly grows on you and possesses that timeless quality.
Another instantly likeable section is the 5 minutes taken by Psychetropic on China Radio Sunshine, where the sequenced notes have a rhythmical beauty and the melody harmonies perfectly.
The finale by Cyscape is suitable dreamy. I could write about any of the tracks in much greater detail, but this review can only give a flavour. I hope you will sample all eleven of these tracks because each is a masterpiece in its own right. To say I like this CD is somewhat of an understatement.