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Databloem (and its sub-label dataObscura) is a Dutch label specialising in ambient, downtempo, glitch, and experimental forms of electronica. Moving is their second compilation album and it comprises eleven tracks by the following artists: Mantacoup, Carbon Boy, The Circular Ruins, Spielerei, Saul Stokes, Psychetropic, ENV(itre), Mankunochi Bento, Subradial, Vir Unis, and Cyscape. If, like me, you’re not able to follow the ambient scene religiously then some of the artists may be unknown; I’m only familiar with three of the ones here so it’s good to broaden one’s exposure with a compilation album like this. The CD cover and liner notes are mainly white with some pale colours in addition to the text. That goes well with the music to be found here which is often abstract and minimalist in style, it’s more music of the mind than the heart. A lot of the tracks didn’t make me imagine anything specific, though some such as “Misty Hills” by Subradial have a title which can draw your imagination towards a particular theme. Yet even in those tracks the music has an otherworldly quality.
Put Moving in your CD player whether you’re after undemanding sounds to chillout to after an arduous day, or if you want subtle instrumental music for careful listening and appreciation, it works well either way. Due to the nature of the music on this album, there aren’t any tracks that really stand out, though I found the percussive tracks by The Circular Ruins and Vir Unis to be notable. You won’t find any strong melodies on the album, be prepared to forego the conventional motifs of ambient music and instead explore the subtleties and abstract elements of what the eleven artists have to offer. Moving is a good album to get hold of in order to get a feel for what kind of releases Databloem/dataObscura have to offer. Those interested in the more abstract, mild, and sometimes a little unusual ambient or electronica should especially check it out.