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Now we’re entering the world of IDM melotronics. And it’s a nice place to be. Often without much gravity. 1, 2, 3, no gravity… You know that great track from Closer Music / Kompakt? Probably the best non-IDM track that should have been released by a devoted IDM label, or should have been a part of some killer-IDM compilation. I don’t know if Ogredung are releasing some specific sound as a label, because this is the first release I’ve heard from them (and they have more than 60!), but the sound of their Cucina Vagabonda (is it Kitchen Vagabonds??) compilation is very much in the deeper IDM areas. The compilation is available in 2 formats: MP3s from their site, and CD-R with a handcrafted cover (which can be ordered), but they still haven’t decided about the definitive design, so my copy is a unique prototype. Looks nice.

I started listening this compilation from the 8th track, that’s Imtech aka Quim, known from his brilliant EP on Skylab Observatory. It’s great to know more labels are releasing Imtech’s music, and the track here is another proof of it’s constant quality. There are many bedroom producers who make IDM music today but not too many manage to create distinctly personal sound. Imtech is good at that, and you should know a compilation is worth checking out when he’s there. Iermoc leaves nice impression too, background synth-sounds that develop the melody with the crunchy rhythm. Many of the tracks are on the crunchy lo-fi side. There are many un or at least less known artists on this compilation like Kaneel, Luca Confusione, Urkuma + Phobode + Strinqulu, Makunouchi Bento, Paolo Veneziani and the others… They all cook different and tasty food in their kitchens, with Imtech probably being the main chief, at least for me.