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This weekend I’ll be sifting through some netlabel releases. First up is Cycles available from Camomille Records as their 100th release. A release spanning 44 tracks and over 3 hours of quality electronic/acoustic music! After 6 years of releasing free music to the world, Camomille is celebrating their 100th release with a great roster of artists and an artpack. Please tell all your friends and support Camomille and all decent netlabels.
Ok, a little rant now : Among all the cries for piracy & stuff, netlabels like Camomille has been showing the music industry that another way is possible nonstop for years, although being constantly ignored. It took about ten years for the major labels to adapt to a new economic system, not because of their love for us, but because they simply realized how they’re missing the opportunity to make money digitally a la Itunes. So if you still have those white collar music industry/lawyer friends who come around and bicker about how “labels are not making enough money any more” please tell ‘em that art is not an end to make money but to share and have fun, and there are generous people all around the world that has been giving their music and their precious time, for basic “appreciation and thanks” for years.
What’s more the music is about a gazillion times better than the latest pop sensation that’s been getting radio or press attention. Please stop feeding us shit major labels and at least go down with dignity. Kudos to Camomille and hope to see you around for at least 100 more releases.