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HiddenPlace Music has recently received word that the long-awaited 100th release from the Camomille netlabel has been officially released. Normally I don’t recommend anything without listening to the entire thing first, but with such an impressive array of artists, I know this will be an excellent and fascinating release. A collection of digital artwork has also been included, and along with the 3,5 hrs+ playing time, there is much to explore here. Artists included are: Lackluster, Twerk, Henrik Jose / Bliss, Julien Neto, Khonnor, Ilkae, Talve, Anders Ilar, Hunz, Jemapur, Proswell, Vim, Epoq,ST, Pocka, Troupe, Makunouchi Bento, Tang Kai / Mikael Fyrek, Blisaed / Seathasky, Sense, Transient, Fah, Planet Boelex feat. Lisa’s Antenna, Emanuele Errante, Kaneel, Shiftless, The Open Directory Project, Nil, Hofuku Sochi, Kyle Dawkins, Ks, Slash, Muhr, Papercutz, Imtech, Beatslaughter, The Kodama Institute, Mattia Marchi and MigloJE. Astute readers might also note my own humble contribution of bizarre flute samples which have been warped and mangled in a most interesting way in a track by abstract ambient maestro Shiftless.
It seems like many netlabels have been holding onto their best material until the end of the year, so, stay tuned and HiddenPlace music will provide you with plenty of music to fill your holidays and warm the dark and cold winter days.