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Makunouchi Bento, a duo from Romania (Felix Petrescu, and Valentin Toma) has issued a sequel to their previous release Ghostophonia. Musically the case is quite similar drenched with high-pitched and slowed-down synth progressions which by their nature and emotive side are ominous and eerie. Slight difference comes in by exploiting more Fantasy-filled motives and gravity-free electronics as if some puckish fairies using one’s toilet room. It could have happened but this bunch of tight classical and electronics mixed issue plays tricks on one’s mind. Where’s the truth, where are fake sounds? As once said a little girl about 5 years old to me she does not believe that we exist at all. That’s I believe in because all what we can do we can define themselves through the past, a temporal dimension which does not exist anymore. Because of that all is dream altogether, all is non-existence ultimately. There is no difference between life and death. As Ghostophonia this 9-notch outing is a part of the little discography of Cinemaude.