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1. Can you describe your journey to music-making?

Since discovering electronic music, we've always been drawn to its unlimited sound design possibilities, so we've started playing with sounds the minute we got our hands on our first computers. After a few years of toying with dancefloor-oriented music, we teamed up to do something different, a music free of recipes - the sound in our heads, something we couldn't hear around.

2. Can you describe your creative process of making music in the various types of projects that you have done /own work, theatre, film, etc/?

The most important thing is the idea. Ideas can be born out of the blue (out of ordinary daily experiences, that is), or while playing with sounds or jamming. With the risk of having no musical output for a longer period of time, we're never writing run-of-the-mill, ordinary chords and melody lines to turn them into songs. Always looking for something interesting and different to catch the listener's attention and imagination. Then we ping-pong the track, to get both of our ideas together.

3. What is the most important thing when creating music for extra-musical projects?

When writing an original score, the most important thing is for us to feel the atmosphere of that film / animation / play, to enter its world and to transform all that into sounds. Not just writing interesting music like we do for our own releases, but have someone else's story talk through our sounds. Sometimes, it might turn out to be a soundscape rather than a song, but it will certainly be an interesting audio-visual experience for the viewer.

4. What would you say is the most important element of your music?

Not just one: the ideas, the ability to surprise the listener, the fact that you can always discover new "hidden" elements, while listening to it again and again... Most of the time it's not an easy-listening, background music, but that type of music that makes you want to stop any other activity and focus, while allowing yourself to create your own visual landscapes in your mind.

5. What was your most challenging/rewarding project?

We haven't got the chance to work on a really grand project yet with other artists, so probably for us, the greatest achievement was our 3rd (and latest) album, "Swimé", a project we had been working on for a couple of years and turned out to be our most complex work to date, our state of the art LP. We've yet to find music that sounds even a bit similar to it. We are very far from going mainstream with it, but even the feedback is probably the greatest since we started this project in 2001.

6. What sort of projects are you available for?

We've always seen music as a great passion, so we've got other jobs for money, and left this creative process unaltered by the need to get constant remuneration. So, given our limited time, and habit to only work while inspired - we're available to any project that really turns us on, and makes our creativity ignite. We have to love the final product! And we're open to help visual artists with music for free, should they also agree to make videos for our music. Wink wink!