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I’ve just finished listening to this album (Himette) for the 2nd time and there are elements of brilliance throughout all of it. I must admit that I had some preconceived notions about what to expect from it initially, but was pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of dynamic pieces included. It would be impossible to classify this album as any particular style of music, since the songs are all so different. There is everything from bizarre electronic rhythms, to haunting soundscapes, to uplifting melodies, to songs that are just downright cute and instantly memorable. One of the songs (Soare cu dinti) seems a direct tribute to Jean Michel Jarre himself. Great stuff! Never predictable, never generic, always innovative and distinctive. If only major record labels promoted this kind of creativity in their artists, just think how more interesting the music industry would be!

Having come from a tracker background myself, I always have mountains of respect for those who master this method of music composition. There is simply no other music editing format that can come close to the sheer sample manipulation power of a tracker. Makunouchi Bento are masters of their craft.