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The 3″ is Siemers 1979 to 2003, 43 tracks in 20 minutes and yes that’s what I call being creative over a long period of time and yes I wouldn’t mind some Beatles for breakfast — not the dead ones, I do prefer fresh meat thank you. This record is just about everything from power electronics to nowave, from tunes that last 10 seconds to ambient that lasts 50, from musique concrete to electronica. A wonderful record. But there’s more wonders to come, dear friends: Mr. Kerlin of Retinascan was as fascinated as I was by this record, so he decided he had to do something about it. And what he did, dear friends, is just amazing: he asked 43 people to make 43 remixes and released them as a boxed set of three CD-Rs with the nicest design you could imagine. Highlights? NQ, Chaos Through Programming, Askesemann, Unyx, Lea, Mizati (great, that one — I bet dancefloors on Mars get crazy on this one and what they like most are the sampled Earth animals), King Kerosene (Thee Mighty Faust resampled beats + post rock), Xenoton, Hypercut (soundtrack to Martian videogames — on Saturn of course) — third disc is my favourite, This is the underground, see and shows how totally irrelevant the Normal Music Business™ happens to be these days.