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Otaku Magazine is a relatively new and visually stunning international publication dedicated to a fascination with Japanese art and culture. Published in both English and Romanian languages, each quarterly issue is brimming with top quality interviews, content and superb graphical layouts. From front to back, its glossy, colorful pages deliver a full and professional interaction with contemporary Japanese manga and artists. This thoroughly impressive and upcoming project deserves the recognition and support of the broader international community of Nippon fandom.
Several months back I received an email from Otaku Magazine to write an article for their upcoming issue dedicated to Kaidan. Prior to the email, I had not heard of Otaku Mag, but was eager to learn more. What I discovered was that it is a small independent publication run by sincere and diligent staff hoping to provide their readership with creative exposure to recent trends in Japanese art, manga and film. The quality of their website otakumag.com also made it clear that they were serious about their image and presentation.
I agreed to write the article and was excited about participating in their seemingly grassroot project. While I was in the midst of writing, they sent me their current issue and I admit I was simply floored. It far surpassed anything I was expecting in terms of quality, content and pure creativity. This seemingly “small” project was indeed delivering major stuff and, I later learned, was being produced by a staff with substantial prior experience in magazine production and graphical design.
Otaku Mag is published quarterly. They do not yet have a “yearly subscription” model (since they are only one year old), but they hope to move to this once international interest in their magazine reaches a critical mass. In the meantime, you can buy their most recent issue for $16 US dollars, 8.00 GBP or 10.00 EUR (these prices include all shipping). You can check out a preview of the current issue at the otakumag.com site. You can order your issue online via their secured order form (there’s a language preference drop-down on the form).
Otaku reserves only 100 copies of its current issue for international delivery, so first come, first serve. All online orders of the current Kaidan issue (Issue 4) also receive a free audio CD of “Kaidan Sounds”, an aural artistic expression of the issue’s “Kaidan” emphasis.
I hope you show Otaku Magazine your support. You will not be disappointed in what they deliver!