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Short but sweet, Lament of the Fishing Robot – Makunouchi Bento, released on Camomille, is 10 minutes of contemporary forays between influences and ideas. The label’s introduction states:

“On this EP they explore more cinematic themes; as you listen to the ep, you feel like you’re following a script of tones and waves. A somewhat liquid combat between winter-time coldness and atmospheres filled of awkward beauty.”

… and it’s true, the EP does have a certain narrative quality that sustains throughout its duration. Makunouchi Bento has the ability to give ideas the floor, and then let them spin off in their own directions, casting shards of sound and melody that often conflict, yet maintain a consistent voice throughout. This chromaticism upon cadence features prominently on each track, along with subtle uses of glitching sounds and effects.

Sometimes, especially in Boat Just Beginning to Leaf, I feel as if Makunouchi Bento has picked up ideas from diverse world cinema or perhaps French contemporary music, but I can never quite track his influences. Lament of the Fishing Robot is the most emotive track on the EP, starting in a very dense and heavy manner, slowly unfolding to reveal something much more delicate, perhaps introspective or ironic.