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Another piece of esquisite squelchy material by Timisoara-based electronica duo Makunouchi Bento.

Lament of the Fishing Robot is a short musical forray into glitchy pisciculture. The is an EP where the listener is kept in a dreamy state of captivity for at least 10 minutes. Released on Camomille it is something of a film score. A score for a possible short movie about small vibrating digital sea horses munching on some long, string-shaped bottom dwelling sea-grass.

With the track Boat just Beginning to Leaf one feels robot voices filtering trough the buzzing transparent fishing reels being hauled overboard. Piacento (sailing alone) picks on some piano chords, twisting slowly the boat around some lonely patches of melody. The longest track on the EP is also the most wistful piece of marine drift on the release. Listening to it, you could feel the aforementioned robotic sailor slowly screeching his own lament over the bubbly expanse of the oily musical waters. Put the fish back in the watertank and replay the whole in your favourite bathtub.

Recalling some Tokyo-based glitch label-releases, the last Mabento EP release has plenty seafood to offer for the electronica beachcomber.

Check the cover-art – the huge submersible droids diving for the inflatable halibut fish!