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The best way to listen to a symphony, whether at the athenaeum or in the bath tub, is to close your eyes and imagine: a captain encouraging his soldiers before the upcoming battle, the sunrise waking up nature, the fight for survival during a tremendous storm at sea.

Makunouchi Bento are not an orchestra, but their songs are just as visual as a symphony. They are two musicians from Timisoara, Romania, who play with field recordings, musical instruments, electronic twists and anything they can think of to create magical music.

Mum and I listened to their new LP – “Lighthouse Stories” and imagined.

Mum saw a mountain creek, a boxing game, Spanish dancers, a woman swinging in her chair on the front porch, wind chimes, a newly married couple driving in a convertible on the highway, taking in the view, dreaming of beautiful things. Their spells breaks when they get to a city and stop at the gas station where they have to pay their last pennies for the gas.

When I closed my eyes, I saw night coming, ships swinging on the waves, doors slamming, samurai, a solitary journey through a forest with tall trees and birds’ songs echoing,

We both agreed we could dance to their music.

You might see and feel something completely different.