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The Romanian duo of Waka X & Qewza aka Makunochi Bento, have been releasing awesome quality IDM, ambient, and experimental music through the net scene for quite some time now. With a plethora of amazing releases on netlabels like Miasmah and One, to name a few, they are a driving force in today’s netaudio. With this episode we are treated to a live set of their trademark sound, and what a set it is. I would have loved to be in the crowd for this one. I didn’t recognize all the tracks in the mix, but the ones I did, I was suprised at how obliterated they were from the originals. Things stay mostly on the more extreme IDM side of the spectrum, ocassionally lapsing into ambient interludes, only to crash into more sweet & lovely experimentations. So props to the boys of Bento, keep gving me some more of that fine ear candy. You can find this release on the consistenly pleasing Ogredung netlabel.