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There has never been as much free music available on the Internet than today. New online music labels are emerging nearly every week.
Whilst a lot of these labels tend to offer low quality music -with hardly no quality control over the releases- a few of them try and behave like a “real” label.
Whereas the “One” netlabel is a fairly newcommer to the Internet scene , it already undoutably belongs to this last category, and the “miopedi errata ep” does nothing but confirm this impression.
“Miopedi” is the collaboration between the Romanian Duo “Makunouchi Bento”, well known for its very peculiar sound distilled over several releases and collaborations over the years , and Leenak (also known as Kaneel), a young French artist with a taste for ambient-based soft electronica, usually blended with video-gamey gimmicks.
“Errata” is their second Ep together, and undoubtably the best of the twos.
It opens with “lentila Draculi” by Makunouchi Bento, an impressive sonic chaos with a pretty gloomy feeling and choir-like pads that give an almost epic tone to the track.
“Cariul C” is certainly the strongest track of the Ep. It’s very smooth and delicate.
The melodica lead tones blend perfectly with the E-Piano and remind of these old songs from your childhood that you fancied playing on the turntable, lulled by the hyptnotic movement of the groove.
“Nuits d’hiver neige et radio”(Winter nights, snow and radio) from Leenak offers a very delightful ticket to the second part of the Ep, with waves of soft tones and textures, and a nice melancolic feel.
“Tintamarre”(pandemonium) is a perfect closer, with very deep pads and enjoyable ambience sample loops.
With its soft and blurry tones, this EP places itself as a must-have for dark and cold winter nights.