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Romanian publication Otaku Magazine — an “independent platform [designed to promote] visual art from national and international artists” — announced its fifth issue, titled Otaku Play, which looks to explore “the universe of players and play of all kinds”, “how and when you play”, and “what you learn while playing and where … you risk arriving when you remain blocked within the same play”.
The 132-page, English-language issue includes articles “Virtual Worlds Unplugged”, “A Short Visual History of Videogame, NES Coffee table” and an interview with chiptune artist Nullsleep.
Otaku Play also comes with “New York Poster” (photo past the post break), a fabulous pixel cityscape from renown pixel art group eBoy, though its a quarter of the original print’s size.
While Otaku is only printing 350 copies of the issue, each copy will come with an interactive DVD packed with chiptune music, live performance video from Blip Festival events, and trailers for indie games like Blueberry Garden, Osmos, Cletus Clay, and more.