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1) Sanitarium :: Reminded me of a nighttime scene at a foggy shipyard, and I can’t see more than 5 meters in any direction. Industrial/dock.

2) Visiting Mr. Geffle :: Starts off my putting me back to my early years watching the ice castle scene of superman. It’s cold. Quite disparate, moody. Dunno what the churchbell/cowbell is up to at the end.

3) Piacento (Sailing Alone) (Direwires’ Endless Harbor Remix) :: Ambienty, industrial at the start, but breaks into some beautiful chords, which somehow seem familiar almost Detroit, but like the other songs no beat in sight, and no lead/hook to hang on to. I feel like a fish underwater being stimulated by much shiny objects.

4) Return to Avebell :: Cello. Played by a character in Tron. Excellent to hear what synthesis can come up with, no General MIDI sounds here 🙂

5) Jallek :: A broken My First Sampler, being abused by a robot that normally does Rubik cubes. Not much of a fan of this randomness.

6) Visuk lui Paslui :: Starts of like the sounds of a control room. Tonal bliss, long tones, minimal randomness, some brass, and lot of highpitched sustains, with some degree of random harmonics/pitching. But it seems chorent and eventually turns into a sweet ambient/industrial… Ends with some neat brass!