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Felix Petrescu, and Valentin Toma comprise a Romanian duo, called Makunouchi Bento having already been active since 2001. There are represented 3 remixes, and one mix by their friends which used to span a variety of electronic visions extending from disquieted electronic drifts (mixed up with chamber music whiffs at times) and more haunting/dark ambient progressions and glitch-filled pieces to more ethnic/World Music-concentrated sonic seeds and Balkan-infected film soundtracks (indeed, the closing track Jubokko is a fabulous one in its otherworldly blinking and glimmering hooks and developments). All of these elements are a little pitchbent and deformed. In a nutshell, the result is essentially offbeat and unexpected which does not uncover its nature at once at all. And of course, in addition to it you should listen to their original tracks at Camomille either.