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Makunouchi Bento’s latest release on Camomille Music is a very special one indeed. It combines a traditional sound played by a marching band – like on ‘Jubokko’ – with sound processing and the result is somewhat surreal but fetching at the same time. Whether it’s the modern composition (‘Bake-Kujira’) or the more fragile work based on field recordings (‘Yuki-onna’), the EP contains elements of nearly every experimental genre. If it could be compared with anything/anyone else making experimental music like this – which is quite difficult – it would be most likely comparable with Gultskra Artikler. But not regarding the music itself but referring to the composition or at least the ‘level of experimental processing’ if one might say it like this. Also I would see it in the tradition of the experimental phase of Don Ellis who wrote a marching band arrangement of ‘Hey Jude’ and then lead it ad absurdum. At least ‘Rinbo’ reminds me of this one! And it’s a very special listen indeed. It also is one of these works that can’t be labelled with ‘good’ or ratings like this. ‘Bake-Kujira’ and ‘Jubokko’ are standing out by far from my point of view as they are highly interesting and very well done. It’s a very well considered overall sound and there definitely can be found a so-called ‘leitmotiv’. ‘Yuki-onna’ is more freely but nicely recorded and processed as well.

You see that I can’t describe what I’m hearing so that I just can recommend it to those that like to get to know very interesting experimental music that is available for free. But I only recommend it to those that are open-minded enough to give it more than just one proper listen. Also there’s a remix EP of ‘Rinbo’ available through Camomille Music.