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Until now Miasmah has been a free MP3 netlabel, and one of the best ones at it too, so we had to expect something special for the first time they get physical on our sorry asses. And yes, this is quite special, you can tell just by looking at the dream team of contributing artists, gathered from top notch labels like City Centre Offices, Type, Lampse or Resonant. Oh, and you gotta give it up for our very own MaBento kicking off the whole show (I’m so proud of you guys!). Of course, with such a vast array of creativity comes a theme to bind them all, that is “theatrical, cinematic and dark organic”. It flows through minimal drones and post-rock, classical tones mixed with abstract glitches or field recordings, the acoustic and the mathematical. It can be tense or filled by melancholic abnegation, emotional throughout, hypnotic, breathtaking but not suffocating. Most excellent.