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The debut release with catalogue number “63”. May 2006 saw a compilation from a relatively unknown label called Miasmah released. To anyone unknowing of the fabulous world of netlabels and the resource-crammed internet archive, the compilation dubbed Silva had the catalogue number MIACD001, but looking deeper into the background of this label operating out of Oslo, Norway, you could find a catalogue of no less than 62 releases, dating back to 1999. These releases featured artists like Supine, Opiate, Krii (aka Resound), Jules Marsen, Paavoharju, Helios and Xhale (aka Svarte Greiner) to name a few, some already in the process of becoming established names on other labels and other soon to be picked up and discovered for their talents. Little surprise was it then to foresee the future of something big in the making, and definitely the natural next step to launch the Miasmah label for physical releases. First out was thus the Silva compilation, like a teaser of the gems that were to follow, where the up and coming names of contemporary electronica once again contributed with exciting material, simply looking back at the list leaves your mouth watering… Julien Neto (ed. long-standing personal favourite of this editor!), Yasume (Helios and Logreybeam collaboration), Gultskra Artikler, Martin Juhls, Ryan Teague, Greg Haines, Jasper TX and Deaf Center/Svarte Greiner themselves. Now one and half years later, half of these artists have already released seminal albums on Miasmah to widespread, critical acclaim, or have future releases lined up in store. The others have released on Type Records, and the two labels’ profiles go together like hand in glove in the past. […]