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With it’s gorgeous CD design using stock photography, it’s certainly a case of ‘first taste is with the eye’ for this 12-track compilation. The somewhat esoteric electronica herein matches too, which is nice. Snowsky gets things off to a fabulous start with ‘Mineze’ – a part-Venetian Snares part-Plaid wonder which stutters all over the place yet still delights. The more awkward ‘Chiisai wasuremono no shima’ by the interestingly named Makunouchi Bento follows on and is quality stuff too. Which all goes a bit v/vm in places.

Glitch electronics is accidental products contribution to the compilation, followed by the achingly beautiful ‘Purusha (Euneun Remix)’ by Fireworks. Well, I think it’s that way round – artiste and trackname are hard to judge! Anyway, think an updated ‘Quino-phec’ by Aphex and you’ve got the level of this particular gem. Which all goes a bit v/vm in places.

Things get a bit whacky – and very scandinavian/icelandic – on Makunouchi Bento’s second offering ‘Izvor izvoras (edit+02)’ with modulated singing which all goes a bit v/vm in places.

Closing piece ‘Urbanization’ by Hinori could be something from a Sega game end-title sequence, in fact with a slightly japanese name like ‘Hinori’ I’m starting to wonder. Anyway, an oddly pleasing General-MIDI medley (try saying that quickly a few times) it’s a light piano/jazz ballad which finishes off this charming compilation perfectly! In fact, if I was to use one word for this CD, it’d be ‘quirky’!