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I don’t know the reason, but sometimes a band or an album just strikes you differently than other albums. Makunouchi Bento‘s Swimé (Eerik Inpuj Sound) is an album like that for me. Now, I have Makunouchi Bento’s work over the last several years, but something about Swimé or maybe something about me made this album a much bigger impression. The Romanian duo of Makunouchi Bento is Waka X and Qewza who have been releasing Creative Commons music for almost ten years now.

Swimé is nothing short of exceptional, but if you are familiar with this blog and equally familiar with the album, you’d understand. Swimé, first and foremost, is an experimental album, a collage of disparate sounds, field recordings, odd musical instruments and electronic manipulations. When 2010 winds on down, Makunouchi Bento’s Swimé will be one of the albums I will remember.