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Released only weeks ago as a free download, Swimé is another quiet but intriguing work from this duo who, like others of their generation (e.g. Gultskra Artikler), have gotten so free that they’ve just left any easy pigeon-holing (“IDM”, “neo-classical”, or elsesuch) far behind. To anyone with a passing knowledge of the netlabel scene, they’ve also been among the most prolific Romanian acts to follow, and I should say that this new blend of semi-improvised soundscaping carries itself with a deeply cohesive “wholeness” along the path.

Admittedly, there is not a lot of urgency to these tracks, and the sense of “presence”, even at its most acute, can be purposely distorted, but it’s precisely these kind of instances that vie for your focus and create a nice tension throughout; a tension which – more often than not – is flirted with, rather than underlined and made blatantly obvious. It’s all never in one place for long, yet moves around with hardly any sonic grit; it stands on its own as an evocation of some possible realities of the as of yet… which only the titles may try to elucidate (or maybe the accompanying poem telling a lion tamer’s story, who’d suddenly gotten bored of it all?)

Fearlessly head to Bandcamp for the mp3/flac & go through the rest of MB’s (free) discog.