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Swime is an album for people with active imagination.

Lock yourself in a room, put the album on, close your eyes and let Makunouchi Bento’s music guide you in the mental creation of an unwritten film about childhood in the heart of the Balkans; a childhood full of exciting camping trips, folk music, 80s synth hits, animals, fears, curiosity, vaguely-understandable adult conversations and their arguments.

Written over two years, this ambient masterpiece must be listened as a whole. There are no driving beats or pop hooks: just proto-melodies combined with broken jazz loops and field samples, all carefully put together to paint the moving pictures of a time gone by. But this is not just a nostalgia trip. Swime is self-analytical; through humour, noise and eerie ambience, it asks the question: “How did I become the person I am today?