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It is always a great pleasure to arrive at the Romanian combo’s music because you will never know what kind of surprises you could expect from it. This time they are assisted by a bunch of other musicians either. This 6-notch issue is a profound and cohesive amalgamation of different styles, from supersonic droning ambient and heavily stomping bass driven excursions and unnerving interrupted rhythmic structures to a quirky synth-pop example and a jazz-infused convulsion. Moreover, frequently the listener can perceive obsessive focus to have directed toward minutiae – it might be more adequately assumed the minutiae are amplified and magnified into a new quality, into something providing refreshing possibilities to open new entrances for next issues. One can hear scratching within it yet it does have nothing to do with an ordinary hip-hop appearance. At times it sounds like a heavily compressed pop example like chiming somewhere at the bottom of the ocean (Urban Tree). One of the best issues in 2018 for sure.