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A dedication to classic music.

Makunouchi Bento are already known in the netlabel scene as people always reconsidering their own works, evolving, twisting existing genres in their own interpretation. So it’s quite obvious, after years experimenting into the electronic music, they finally came up with the decision of remixing some classics.

What you’ll be able to enjoy is about how versatile can be this Romanian duo! From ambient to electronica and IDM, ending with a touch of videogamish sounding (aka chiptune), they are covering many of the genres they are known for doing with attitude, even adding a kind of oldschool spacey touch, so close to some of these retro futuristic movies.

You may not think that doing remixes of classic music composer is original, but believe it or no, the way they did it is so subtle and actual, remaining close to the original pieces, that you may get interested in the composers if you never heard about them.

I’ll agree with Julez (see previous reviews), this is definitly not the best work we could hear from Makunouchi Bento, maybe a proof of their skills at “drawing pictures” and space elements, still, sounding great.

I will add that watching the pictures adds a certain mood, like, achieving the release.

(And well you can print the cover and pimp it around, I’m not the man that will say something against it eh :D)