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Trcutu by Makunouchi Bento is really a symbiosis of two forms of art: music and photography. One complements the other, enlivens, supports, enriches; the absence of one component, however, can destroy the transcendent connection.

Disregarding the technical proficiency of the pieces, one must be intrigued by their melancholy, harmony, emotiveness, nostalgia, composition and twisted sense of humor. Subjects (visual and aural) are treated in a unique way, preserving their organic authenticity, yet creating a totally new ambiance.

Musically, Trcutu effectively morphs the classics through the prism of ultra-modern electronic styles; however, on a few occasions, it looses its emotional charge through over-used samples and repetition. Nevertheless, the album works well as a whole, and with the addition of hauntingly beautiful photography, it becomes the perfect soundtrack for melancholic, self-indulging rainy days.