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One yet again delivers high quality free audio with the newest addition to its catalogue, Romanian duo Makunouchi Bento’s Trctu. A conceptual release; rearrangements of their favorite classical composers.

The duo has acclaimed a somewhat dignitary position in the netlabel scene for providing consistent and pertinent experimentations in sound for the last few years. On this EP they bring their trademark exploratory twists and turns in a 40 minute set of sometimes hectic, sometimes calm interpretations.

Throughout the album, there is a certain overcoat of darkness, as if they maniacally cut the songs into pieces and sowed them back together. You can feel the almost-theatrical mood in ‘Evening in Ararat Valley’, an impressive avalanche of piano and brass discreetly clouded by glitches and noise, and in ‘Etude no 7’ where they introduce discreet beats with a grand yet disorienting violin and confusing female moaning. My favorite track on the album is ‘Gnossienne no 1’, a rich mixture of triggered ambiences and weird voices. Some other tracks feature Makunouchi Bento’s more wacky and abrasive grooves, like the discordant, distorioned ‘Etude ( 74-8 )’ and the disturbing ‘Untitled ‘.

Makunouchi Bento’s Trcutu may be unsettling at times, but after a few listens, the grandness of it sinks in and provides a great addition to their discography with this solid, diverse and well crafted release.