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Makunouchi Bento/Otaku Play

Otaku Play

Otaku Play

Various Artists

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01 Dubmood - Transregional des Pyrnes 06:02
02 Graffiti Monsters - 100 Percent (Pizza Party) 01:55
03 Ikuma - 4x4 (Chips on Speed) 03:28
04 Jellica - Valentine's Day Acid (With Love from Grandma) 03:33
05 Kaseo - Happy Music Hour (Kaseology) 03:10
06 Kplecraft - 5114 04:50
07 Makunouchi Bento - Pink Ninja 6 (Amiga Version) 03:56
08 Minus - Input Baby 02:07
09 Moloh feat. CC Inc - Sorry You're Not 8bit (Enter Shikari Remix) 03:12
10 Nordloef - Operation Blackout (The Crunchy Records) 03:08
11 Nullsleep - Valentine Final 04:22
12 Peter Swimm - And Then He Went FULL HORSE (dUNK nES fUNK cOMPO) 04:45
13 Pixelh8 - Girl Fight 02:54
14 Random - Breaking Wave 03:41
15 She - Supersonic (Chiptek) 03:31
16 Sidabitball - Enchantment 03:22
17 USK - Pakipkia 04:02
Label: Otaku
Catalog Number: Otaku 5: Otaku Play
Format: DVD
Release Date: 2009.03.28

Serious play represents a feature of any otaku’s activity. Basically you play, but you do it with the greatest dedication, seriousness and interest. We don’t want to be the prisoners of the industries that bet on our ability as playful mammals, but we desire to know them and explore their limits. Otaku PLAY explores the universe of players and play of all kinds. How and when you play. What you learn while playing and where do you risk arriving when you remain blocked within the same play.




Compilation attached as a CD-R to the 5th issue of the Romanian magazine Otaku.




Track 07 written, produced, mixed and mastered by Felix Petrescu and Valentin Toma (Makunouchi Bento)


Artwork by Veronica Solomon [Blog]


Album Reviews

Who ever thought Romania has nothing to offer, is wrong, very very wrong. Otaku proves you don’t have to live in London or New York, to be in the middle of everything that is cool. The latest issue titled Play, is again filled with eye-candy. And the free eBoy poster makes it even better! It seems that with this issue they switched over to a complete English magazine too. Read more...

Geert at Gizmag

The new Otaku magazine just arrived yesterday from Romania (by the way: our first magazine from Romania!) – Otaku is a lovely magazine about visual art, strongly influenced by japanese culture. They feature articles about graphic design, comic strips, illustration, painting, design, fashion, video, toys and accessories. And this issue comes also with an interactive DVD (includes 8-bit artists from around the world: Dubmood (FR), Graffiti Monsters (USA), Ikuma (SG), Jellica (UK), Kaseo (JP), Kplecraft (JP), Makunouchi Bento (RO), minus (RO), Moloh (RO), [...] Read more...

Alain at Gute Seiten

Romanian publication Otaku Magazine - an “independent platform [designed to promote] visual art from national and international artists” - announced its fifth issue, titled Otaku Play, which looks to explore “the universe of players and play of all kinds”, “how and when you play”, and “what you learn while playing and where … you risk arriving when you remain blocked within the same play”. Read more...

GameSetWatch at True Chip Till Death

and focuses on the themes of players and play in all its manifestations. I've been a fan of Otaku Mag since I first ran across it a year ago. Its dedication to Japan-inspired art and technology is thoroughly entertaining, and its glossy visual presentation sets a very high standard for underground publications. This issue is being published as a limited release, so if you are interested in ordering it, I recommend you do so quickly. Read more...

Scott Foutz at SaruDama

The table of contents is a laundry list of unfamiliar or only hazily recognized names, but it's the included DVD that is more overtly the draw: in addition to a lineup of 2007 BlipFest videos (all taken, it would seem, from the earlier mentioned Vimeo uploads that included 6955 and Virt), the disc also features music by Nullsleep, Kaseo and she, trailers and info on a number of Offworld-regular indie games, and, to top it off, comes with a foldout poster by iso-pixel artists eBoy. Read more...

Brandon Boyer at Offworld

The magazine is fantastic. It is an amalgamation of all things otaku. But more importantly, its primary focus is on art based out of otaku sub-culture. The first section of the small form-factor magazine showcases several artists from around the globe. Additional pages bring in product, music, indie games, anime, and film reviews and previews. The second half of the magazine is filled with indie manga by various creators. Read more...

Michal at Mentisworks