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Various Artists

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01 Midori Hirano - Regrowth 03:39
02 Makunouchi Bento - Anpre dans tanbou lou 03:44
03 Band Ane - Kakkelovnsgrød 04:05
04 Biblo - Infatuation 03:50
05 Richard Sanderson - Embedded 04:38
06 TLE - Piece for Ice Cube, Silence and Trumpet 05:38
07 AGF - memoGAME 03:36
08 Yaporigami - Higher Tentative 06:10
09 Fandensk Dolketerapi - Itureven 04:04
10 Iris Garrelfs + Poulomi Desai - Live from Salon des Refuses 2015 (Space Gallery) 11:12
11 Matthew Collings - A world of Ruby All in Vain 10:14
12 Intl. Debris - Translucent Orb 03:16
13 Cinesthesia - The Garden of Earthly Delights (Live at Hackney Attic 15.12.14) 05:08
14 Isnaj Dui - Kiki and Bouba 04:10
15 Docetism - Fading Away 05:09
16 Zelienople - This Thought Won't Last 05:08
17 Glacis - As Long as Water Flows 10:09
18 Sumuposauttaja - Untitled #3 04:05
19 Weith - Cognitive Enhancers 04:50
20 René Margraff - Grace 06:48
21 Dino Spiluttini - The Rift 03:29
22 Zero Ohms - If These Are the Dreams That Await Me 10:36
Label: Tavern Eightieth
Catalog Number: TVEI24
Format: 2 x CD / Digital
Release Date: 2016.04.29

A large compilation of diverse and exciting music from new and established artists, VA1+2 is chiefly intended to raise funds for the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK. In doing so, it presents material selected from many different strains of contemporary electronic, ambient, experimental, electro-acoustic, improvisation, leftfield pop and beyond. Containing over two hours of music by twenty-two contributing artists, the compilation has been divided into two sections: VA1 and VA2. Each has been mixed in order to bring out its own overall style, resulting in a rich journey through powerful, intricate, playful and unusual material from numerous corners of modern music.

With an emphasis on clarity and dynamic range rather than loudness, VA1+2 was given a final master by Fraser McGowan (Caught in the Wake Forever).

It has been an immense pleasure working with the artists to put this release together over the last year. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks for supporting it in any way.


All profits from this release’s CD sales will go to Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s foremost dementia research charity. “Our pioneering work focuses on prevention, treatment and cure. We are energising a movement across society to support, fund and take part in dementia research. We aim to empower people across all generations through greater understanding of dementia.” (Official website, accessed 23.01.2016)

Proceeds from the digital version will go back to the label to help fund future releases. If you would like your digital purchase donated instead, please state so in a message at the PayPal checkout. The digital version will become pay-what-you-want as soon as the physical stock runs out.


VA1+2 will be available digitally or as a limited glass-mastered 2CD format housed within a four-panel digisleeve (200 copies, not numbered). Due to excess digisleeve printing, there are also eight copies available as unprinted black-bottom CDRs at a reduced price. The digital download will include a PDF booklet with additional information.




Track 02 (CD 1 Track 02) written, produced, mixed and mastered by Felix Petrescu and Valentin Toma (Makunouchi Bento)


Post-mastered by Fraser McGowan
Artwork by TVEI

Album Reviews

The immense range of music on offer on VA1+2 is its real strength, and offering over two hours of music (that’s 22 tracks by 22 different artists packing out a brace of discs), it’s a veritable boon of contemporary electronic, ambient, experimental, electro-acoustic, improvisational and more. From the semi-ambience of Midoro Hirano’s ‘Regrowth’ and the swampy Latina stylings of Manouchi Bento’s ‘Anpre dans tanbou lou’, there’s much to soak in on disc one. Read more...

Christopher Nosnibor at Aural Aggravation

On Disc One, we’re able to catch up with Makunouchi Bento, a group that’s been silent for a while. “Anpres dans tanbou” restores our confidence in their creativity, as water and wood blocks form only part of a diverse tapestry. [...] With so many tracks to choose from, listeners will have different favorites, but that’s not the point: the point is that these artists and this label have donated their time and efforts to a worthy cause, and invited others to be a part while receiving something in return. Hats off to all involved. Read more...

Richard Allen at A Closer Listen

La corposa raccolta di ventidue brani, pubblicata su due cd dalla finlandese Tavern Eightieth supera agilmente qualsiasi premessa metodologica, grazie all’acuta combinazione racchiusa nella sua proposta, interamente consistente in oltre due ore di materiale inedito, che una schiera di artisti che spazia da Midori Hirano a René Margraff, dagli Zelienople a Isnaj Dui ha inteso conferirvi, peraltro in connessione con una finalità benefica. Read more...

Music Won't Save You

“VA1” è decisamente più incline ad una componente rumoristica assente soltanto in “Regrowth” di Midori Hirano, che con le sue vaporose trame apre il disco. Questa dimensione noise viene di volta in volta affrontata con attitudine differente, passando dalle ritmiche marcate delle tracce di Makunouchi Bento e di Yaporigami al minimalismo di Richard Sanderson e TLE, dalle atmosfere ludiche dei suoni di Band Ane alle spire caotiche di Fandensk Dolketerapi e Iris Garrelfs + Poulomi Desai. Read more...