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Makunouchi Bento/Apegenine Volume 2: Hypocondriac

Apegenine Volume 2: Hypocondriac

Apegenine Volume 2: Hypocondriac

Various Artists

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01 :papercutz - ...Is Fading 01:32
02 Ben Mono feat. Jemeni - Jesus Was a B-Boy (Makunouchi Bento Remix) 05:46
03 Wanton Kiosk - Meteor Shower 04:42
04 Surasshu - Never Sleep 04:57
05 Dynamo Theory - Smoth Flowing Neurons 05:01
06 Donato Epsiro - Are You Going to Cry 03:03
07 Calidoscopio - Naturaleza 03:09
08 Hunz - Venger 04:53
09 Kaneel - Au Revoir Pt. 3 04:11
10 Abraham Smith - Dean's Triumph, His Dilemma 04:15
11 Dead Man's Deed - Drying Machine Kids 02:53
12 Shiftless - Meltwater 03:00
13 Khonnor - Hard Boiled Egg Day 02:22
14 Lackluster - Jotaikaikee 05:25
15 Troupe - Scofflaws 03:47
16 Transient - Water Medecine 03:43
17 Henrik José - Possibilities 04:53
18 Kyle Dawkins - Koi 02:43
Label: Apegenine
Catalog Number: APG008
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2009.05.20
Label: Camomille
Catalog Number: Cam106
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2009.05.20

Long time friends Lackluster, Khonnor, Transient, Troupe, Henrik José, Kyle Dawkins, Hunz, Surasshu, Makunouchi Bento, Wanton Kiosk, :papercutz, Shiftless and Kaneel as well as newer friends Dead Man’s Deed, Abraham Smith, Calidoscopio, Donato Espiro and Dynamo Theory come help us to bid a sad but delicate farewell to all who have been supporting us from the start.
Thank you, and godspeed!

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Track 02 written by written by Paul Beller aka Ben Mono [Web, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram]; remixed and mixed by Felix Petrescu and Valentin Toma (Makunouchi Bento); lyrics and vocals by Joanne Gairy aka Jemeni [Web]

Mastered by Shawn Hatfield aka Twerk [Web]


Artwork by Musou Manufacture

Album Reviews

Since this is not an album created by a single artist in the Apegenine/Camomille roster, but rather showcases 18 different talents, you are likely to find at least one track that you like. One particular track that I enjoyed was the highly experimental and severely glitchy remix of Ben Mono’s ”Jesus Was a B-Boy” by Makunouchi Bento. The song is rap poetry which reminds me of the American artist Ursula Rucker but with heavily processed and hardly discernable vocals. This one could definitely act as a tutorial for aspiring experimental composers. Read more...

Robert Halvarsson at Original Sound Version

Good things often come to and end. Then remain sweet memories of great moments spent believing in ideas and sounds. Petite&Jolie is somehow related to the camomille netlabel family, we met on the Internet before the netlabel era and contributed together to this all so its quite normal we are sadden to hear both labels will be shut down. Read more...

Kaneel at Petite & Jolie

Con la release cam106 dal titolo “V.A. – Apegenine volume 2 : hypocondriac“, la Camomille Music netlabel chiude i battenti. E’ stata una delle netlabel più significative della scena netaudio, di cui ho avuto modo di parlare in più occasioni, e che ricordo con molto affetto perchè la seguo da tanti anni ormai. Read more...

Eldino at Il blog di Eldino

Primenu, kad tai vienas seniausiai įkurtų netleiblų, vienas iš pionierių ir galima sakyti vienas iš tų kelių, padariusių didžiulę įtaką visai netaudio scenai. Savo darbus šiame netleible išsileido bei rinkiniuose sudalyvavo IDM pasaulyje žinomi veikėjai - Blisaed, Transient, Xerxes, Kaneel, CHEjU, Mikael Fyrek, Imtech, MigloJE, Lackluster, Ilkae, Proswell, Julien Neto, Khonnor, Twerk ir begalė kitų. Atsisveikinimui Camomille pristato paskutinį, 106-tą leidinį - Apegenine volume 2 : hypocondriac. Jei ne užsidarymo faktas, būtent taip ir būtų vadinęsis įrašas. Read more...

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