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Makunouchi Bento/Pantoufle Tagada

Pantoufle Tagada

Pantoufle Tagada

Various Artists

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Tracks info

01 Purusha - Rabirabi 02:58
02 .tape. - Farpa (Toy Harp And Plastic Trumpet Serenade) 04:28
03 Doroasako - Je Reviendrai 04:47
04 Makunouchi Bento - Two Mechanical Snowghosts 01:40
05 Original Recipe - Puppy 05:40
06 Nej - Tell You 03:47
07 Balún - Alicia 03:30
08 El Zoológico - Penguin And Sea Lion 01:58
09 Vim! - That Smell Of Spring Rain 03:40
10 Kaneel - Pyjama Lapin 05:10
11 Surasshu - 5am 03:36
12 Treacle - Stereotape 04:29
13 Fah - I Hope You're Happy With Me 06:11
14 :papercutz - Lembras-te? 03:16
Label: Petite & Jolie
Catalog Number: PJ001
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2007.09.19

We’ve been taking our time to contact artists we appreciated to be sure to deliver some lovely tunes that would definitly give the artistic line of this netlabel.
So here we are with our first release named “Pantoufle Tagada”, a nice launching compilation for the sake of cuteness.

The cuteness will transport you on a pony ride from Purusha’s (Ogredung) progtoytronica to Papercutz’s (Apegenine) childtronica, from Doroasako’s progressive folktronica to El Zoológico’s pizzicato , passing by Original Recipe’s (Vinyl Republik) fresh pianopop to Kaneel’s (Camomille, Ogredung) “joie de vivre” glitchtronics, Vim’s (Monotonik) spring melodies to Fah’s (Ronin) analog cute-acid without forgetting Surasshu’s (Apegenine, Camomille) electro music with video game gimmicks while Balùn People (Aerotone) are coming up with their cutey electropop and .tape. (spar.RK, NatureBliss) rejoins with his toy harp and trumpet experiments. In the meantime, Makunouchi Bento (Camomille, Ogredung, One) will delight your ears during a sweet and tender music box interlude for your christmas parties while Nej will come up with some sweet electropop and Treacle (BEE Records) will bring back the groove to some cutetronica.

This compilation will act like the exact time-travel machine you needed to bring you back some childhood reminiscences, so we hope you’ll enjoy this 55 minutes long launching compilation as much as we enjoyed setting this all up.




Track 04 written, produced, mixed and mastered by Felix Petrescu, Valentin Toma (Makunouchi Bento)


Artwork by Flashbacker

Alternative artwork by JoliDesign

Album Reviews

It’s hard to explain the appeal of the album. Pantoufla Tagada is full of cute sounds combined with some darkness that comes through here and there. It's certainly avant-garde and weird, which can be a mixed blessing. My personal favorite is the song “Alicia” by the band Balún, a cross between Julieta Venegas, cuteness, and toy instruments (which are coincidentally also cute). There are plenty of other songs ( including those without lyrics) that will surprise you. Read more...

Wilfredo J. Rodriguez at Bilingual Distortion

A new netlabel has appeared, with a very interesting array of artists contributing to their debut 'various artists' compilation. Charmingly named Petite & Jolie: a place for cute people, and presenting a fascinating collection of electro-acoustic glitch pop and avant-garde sound art, I'd say the netlabel is off to a very promising start. The netlabel curator has labeled the style 'cutetronica' which is certainlly fitting, however I found it to be cute in the way the film 'City of Lost Children' is cute - there is quite possibly something dark and sinister lurking behind all the major chords, happy chimes and high-pitched voices... Read more...

Travis at HiddenPlace Music

Compilations often offer just a collection of songs or tracks put together. In contrast "Pantoufle Tagada" comes around the corner with a interesting concept: cute music. But don't be fooled, some of the cute tracks reveal a darker side while listening to them. All tracks are worth listening, full of different shades of electronica. Sometimes we here songs with vocals like "Je viendrai" from Doroasako, sometimes we listen to idm-ish tracks like "That Smell Of Spring Rain" full of sweet melodies - somewhere near Kitsch. A fantastic compilation with lots of facets. Read more...

Mo. at Phlow

C'est en retard, mais avec beaucoup de plaisir, qu'on vous annonce l'arrivée du netlabel de nos amis Kaneel et Flashbacker: Petite et Jolie. Leur première compilation "Pantoufle Tagada" est sortie en Novembre dernier, déjà !?, et a tout de même généré quelques milliers de téléchargements. A l'origine de ce projet de "musique pour jardins d'enfants" on retrouve Kaneel, qui voulait apporter une touche "rose, mignonne et naïve", et un Flashbacker surboosté qui s'occupera de l'environement graphique du label. Read more...

Ditno at Le404Blog

Petite & Jolie se presenta como netlabel con un compilado de muy buen sabor, imaginativo, divertido y fuera de lo convencional. Todos los elementos necesarios para poner en marcha el viaje de los sentidos y las emociones. Catorce tracks bien producidos y seleccionados. Read more...

In Vitro at Netlabels & News

Nuevo netlabel que nos llega desde Francia dispuesto a endulzarnos los dias. Piensan dedicarse a la música sencilla y naive. Llevan varios meses preparando esta primera referencia, una colección de temas de amigos y conocidos de todo el mundo. Un discazo impresionante!!! En la línea de error lo-fi, sundays in spring… Read more...

Oír para creer

Pantoufle Tagada yra pirmasis netleiblo leidinys, pasirodęs 2007 metų rugsėjį. 14 kompozicijų proporcingai pasidalina glitch, IDM, downtempo, electropop garsus. Beje, rinkinyje be naujų vardų yra ir netleiblų veteranų - Purusha ir Kaneel iš Ogredung, Vim iš Monotonik, Surasshu iš Camomille Music. Visa tai skamba tikrai linksmai ir puikiai tinka saulėtoms pavasario dienoms, kurių tikiuosi nuo šiandien tik daugės. Read more...

AWX Online

El Zoologico’s “Penguin and Sea Lion,” Purusha’s “Rabirabi,” Balun’s “Alicia,” Treacle’s “Stereotype,” Makunouchi Bento’s “Two Mechanical Snowghosts,” Kaneel’s “Pyjama Lapin,” and Papercutz’s “Lembras-te”? manage (to varying degrees) to be both very good and cute. [...] “Two Mechanical Snowghosts” is almost automatically fitting of the album because of it’s music box instrumentation, and it’s gripping melancholic melody is fitting to that. Read more...


Off to a Great Start! Really enjoyed this comp. A few of my favourite artists make it on this release, like Vim!, Surasshu, and OFCOURSE KANEEL. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the artists I haven't heard of yet, though I probably should have. "Alicia" by Balun is a nice track and one of the best on this album. Papercutz's "Lembras-te?" is another good track, and a fitting outro track [always gotta have a fitting outro track!]. Read more...


If you like soft electronica, if you like lullatone and other cute music like it, download this album. Si tu veux rêver à autre chose que roi heenok, sarkozy ou bill gates; dwnld cet album et donne toi enfin la chance de t'échapper. C'est gratuit. Read more...

Rajsank at Yamanotedreams