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Makunouchi Bento/Collection 2: Moving

Collection 2: Moving

Collection 2: Moving

Various Artists

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Tracks info

01 Mantacoup - Sap 08:16
02 Carbon Boy - Namo 05:53
03 The Circular Ruins - Empathy Test 05:38
04 Spielerei - Displaying Movements 06:19
05 Sopra - Saul Stokes 06:51
06 Psychetrope - China Radio Sunshine 04:50
07 ENV(itre) - Qulina 05:09
08 Makunouchi Bento - Mipoetri 06:26
09 Subradial - Misty Hills 06:07
10 Vir Unis - Bead Game 08:14
11 Cyscape - Elumina 05:44
Label: Databloem
Catalog Number: DBCD 004
Format: CD
Release Date: 2003.07.05

Collection 2 “Moving” is, as the title suggests, the second compilation from the Dutch label Databloem. This label has been making a terrific name for itself, releasing high-quality electronica albums from a number of new and exciting artists. Moving is billed as “a collection of ambient explorations and grooves”–and it’s a very satisfying collection; seemingly a denizen of an alternate universe where techno artists chose to discard their club roots in favor of the ambient sound. Don’t expect banging tracks of stunning beatwork–this is a fine selection of laid-back, downtempo head-bobbers. With exclusive tracks by Mantacoup, Carbon Boy, The Circular Ruins, Spielerei, Saul Stokes, Psychetropic, ENV(itre), Makunouchi Bento, Subradial, Vir Unis and Cyscape.



Track 08 written, produced, mixed and mastered by Felix Petrescu and Valentin Toma (Makunouchi Bento); vocals by Stéphanie Courant

Mastered by Ron Boots


Artwork by APK, D. Knopper, N. Bergius

Album Reviews

Makunouchi Bento is no raw fish, but a Romanian(!) duo whose "Mipoetri" (my poetry?) is permeated by a stunning jazz drummer's strut. Superb electronic atmospheres are combined with trip-hop beats, with tasteful use of cymbals. When organ-like synth kicks in, you have an urban (by way of Europe, of course) form of "cafe music." Pretty poetry that would not be out of place on a Pop Ambient compilation. Read more...

Brian Bienowski at The Ambient Review

The Databloem label is all about cool, cutting edge electronics, without the annoying heavy incessant beats that drive me away from liquid trance and similar styles. [...] Makunouchi Bento's "Mipoetri" sounds more French than either the Japanese group name or the Romanian descent of its two members, combining female French vocals with modern lounge music. Read more...

Phil Derby at Electroambient Space

Some of the artists / bands on this CD I have heard of before but most are new to me. It is the second sampler by the databloem label and they certainly have a good ear for inventiveness and quality within what could loosely be called the ambient genre. Read more...

David Law at Synth Music Direct

There’s a certain added level of listening excitement when you become so immersed in the music on a “various artists” album, that it’s only half way through when you remember that you are actually listening to music created and played by a number of different musicians, since it exhibits such a consistency of flow and melody, rhythm and feel, that you’d been thinking it was all the work of one set of musicians. Read more...

Andy G at CD Services

If the first collection was not good enough for you, then you really are the most difficult person in the world to please. Just to remind you that I awarded a rating of 100 out of 10 to the first album. [...] I could write about any of the tracks in much greater detail, but this review can only give a flavour. I hope you will sample all eleven of these tracks because each is a masterpiece in its own right. To say I like this CD is somewhat of an understatement. Read more...

Brooky at Modern Dance

[...] be prepared to forego the conventional motifs of ambient music and instead explore the subtleties and abstract elements of what the eleven artists have to offer. Moving is a good album to get hold of in order to get a feel for what kind of releases Databloem/dataObscura have to offer. Those interested in the more abstract, mild, and sometimes a little unusual ambient or electronica should especially check it out. Read more...

Dene Bebbington at Wind and Wire

But, this isn't druggy heavy music, instead it is light and airy, floating on a cloud. Well-produced subtle and sublime beats have only the intention of being a bass-line, without the heavy handed smack on the attack of the beat. These combine with delicate melodies, occasionally using heavily processed voice, to produce tracks keeping in track with the theme of this disc - moving. This is taken as a run at times, but other times a feather floating down in the wind, drifting with intricate jitters. Read more...

Don Poe at EAR/Rational

“Collection 2: Moving” is a nice set of varied soundscapes. The best tracks are in my opinion those by Saul Stokes, Vir Unis and Subradial. Read more...

Artemi Pugachov at Encyclopedia of Electronic Music