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Makunouchi Bento

Tracks info

01 Makunouchi Bento - Rain Dragon, Hidden Genius 04:07
02 Makunouchi Bento - How I Became a Lion Tamer 09:12
03 Makunouchi Bento - The River Who Drinks All I've Had 06:49
04 Makunouchi Bento - Languid Fogfish 04:50
05 Makunouchi Bento - 27 Seconds on the Plank 06:31
06 Makunouchi Bento - Anchorshaped Siren 03:44
07 Makunouchi Bento - Men of Mathematics 03:25
08 Makunouchi Bento - Cruise for a Corpse 09:06
Label: Eerik Inpuj Sound
Catalog Number: EIS003 / INPUJ112
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2010.08.08

Upon listening, I became very thirsty; thus followed many chalices filled to the brim with spirits.


Comment suis-je, à mon tour, devenu dresseur de lion?


Seul sur ma chaise, ennuyé par ma vie de gadjo guindé,

je m’amuse de me lasser,

rêvant de ces étranges forêts,

d’aventures sur les routes ombragées,

ces cirques itinérants qui ne cessent de bouger

et le roulement, cliquetis redondant,

de caravanes séculaires abritant

quelques Hommes qui se racontent, la nuit tombée,

quelques mystères égyptiens oubliés.


Alors, l’envie me caresse…

Happé par le courant de cette rivière musicale,

je me laisse porter pour enfin échouer

sur cette grève, brise matinale.


Je me sens Homme nouveau et pourtant toujours le même petit gadjo,

tout juste prêt à dresser le premier lion que je croiserai.


Peut-être voudra-t-il tout simplement m’accompagner

le long de ce chemin romancé

avec cette boite typique

venu du pays des kanjis

dans laquelle on y glisse

des histoires amidonnées, légèrement relevées,

avant de repartir de plus belle,

dans cette aventure grotesque

faite de jolies ritournelles.


Official release page:

Eerik Inpuj Sound




Headphones listening recommended.


High quality (24bit 96kHz) free download for audiophiles:





All tracks written, produced, mixed and mastered by Felix Petrescu and Valentin Toma (Makunouchi Bento)


Artwork by Sorina Vasilescu aka Vazelina [Web, Facebook, Instagram, Blog]


Poem by Guillaume Richard aka Kaneel [Web, Bandcamp, Twitter, Soundcloud]

Album Reviews

Eu m-am plimbat printr-o cada cu bule in straie de print si cersetor, am ajuns la dentist cu o sticla de rom, apoi in mintea unui orb, am scos rime si am incercat sa inteleg umorul matematicienilor. Sunt multe layere, iar la fiecare ascultare descopar inca un sound, mai fac o legatura, imi mai pica o nuca si tot asa. Read more...

Anca Von Kelp at Fresh Good Minimal

Waka X and Qewza are simply great when it comes to playing! The 47 minutes album is an invitation to imagine worlds and adventures and it runs freely on the web. Read more...

Anca Von Kelp at Local Records

Swimé is another quiet but intriguing work from this duo who, like others of their generation (e.g. Gultskra Artikler), have gotten so free that they’ve just left any easy pigeon-holing (“IDM”, “neo-classical”, or elsesuch) far behind. Read more...

Doru649 at The Cookshop

Swimé is an ambitious avant garde work containing an exotic blend of organic instrumentation, electronic effects, and a jungle of clicks, buzzes, chirps, screeches, and roars. [...] an album full of surprises and aural curiosities for fans of the cutting edge of sound design and classical composition. Read more...

Travis at Hiddenplace Music

Makunouchi Bento’s Swimé is a delightful, fanciful soundscape that rattles its way through musical fragments, noises, and cinematic landscapes, sometimes recalling John Cage (particularly when the piano dances over a repeated, asymmetrical motive of some sort). Read more...

Peter Kirn at Create Digital Music

Only one word: SPLENDID! Musique experimentale de haute qualité. Musique libre et propice à l'imagination. Public cible: renégats, qui n'aiment ni les bergers ni les troupeaux... Read more...

Rajsank at Yamanotedreams

Their Swimé album has been today's soundtrack. Eerie, atmospheric, intriguing. A very good background for thinking. Read more...


Ca sunet se duce mult către cinematic, uneori având impresia că cineva a luat sunetele dintr-o peliculă şi mi le-a rearanjat aici. Multitudinea de sunete şi de efecte îi dau un aer experimental, iar profunzimea lor (dată de un master foarte curat – înalte, medii şi joase fiind foarte clar delimitate încă din mix) conferă fiecărei piese un iz de calm. Read more...

Codin Oraseanu at Ginger Group

Cele opt piese incluse pe Swime constituie tot atatea excursii sonore in cotloane nebanuite ale muzicii. [...] E pur si simplu „ceva” care te face sa visezi, care te deconecteaza de mizeriile intalnite la tot pasul, care te poate teleporta intr-o alta lume, nu neaparat mai buna dar cu siguranta „altfel”. Read more...

Zoltan Varga at Agenda

Swimé is nothing short of exceptional, but if you are familiar with this blog and equally familiar with the album, you’d understand. Swimé, first and foremost, is an experimental album, a collage of disparate sounds, field recordings, odd musical instruments and electronic manipulations. When 2010 winds on down, Makunouchi Bento’s Swimé will be one of the albums I will remember. Read more...

David Nemeth at Acts of Silence

At first, Swimé drowns you in sounds, but as you incorporate it all and immerse in the music forming in your head, you begin to float. Read more...

Tina at MakeUseOf

Probably one of the best Renoise related albums from this year. One of the most interesting Ambient albums of all time. Filled with atmospheric textures and strange sounds from very wide spectrum of superb acoustics. Strange melodies mixed with animal voices, sounds of nature and city into psychotic composition with amazingly clear sound image which won’t leave anyone's emotions untouched. Read more...

DJ Suva at Remixta

Ce-mi place la ei, in contextul in care de cativa ani buni incoace i-am tot ascultat, este migrarea asta dinspre electronic spre organic. Damful digital se simte din ce in ce mai putin. Muzica lor tinde spre natural, spre cinematic. De fapt de la un punct incolo, se trece peste muzica si se ajunge la crearea unui intreg spatiu sonor in care toate elementele au, fiecare in parte, propria regula de functionare. Read more...

Gojira at B24FUN

Evading any attempt to describe the style of their songs, they whimsically offend the limits of your attention span as you travel within the many scenes they create ; Swimé is a travelling circus filled with suspensful moments, drama and humor. The songs fade into each other, removing any sense of remembrance and letting only the present be. Read more...

Vincent Fugère at Camomille

As listeners journey through a multitude of sounds, many of which are depicted on the cover, they may get the feeling of being transported. With so much going on in the music, it would have been easy for it to descend into an unlistenable mess. But Makunouchi Bento keeps every noise in its place through clever introductions and timely changes. Read more...

Matt Gilley at The Silent Ballet

This is some way-out shit that owes as much to avant garde composition as it does to anything we’d call “ambient” in the most commonly used sense. It does indeed have an Eastern feel to it. There’s some bamboo-sounding percussion, mysterious bells, some skronky horn sounds, and a piece that sounds like Fred Frith jamming with some some wind chimes. Read more...

Allister Thompson at Make Your Own Taste

Wirklich herausragendes Album des Franzosen Makunouchi Bento, das sich im Bereich Montage, Ambient oder Musique Concrète bewegt. Fantastische Soundscapes, interessante Montagen mit allerlei Kleinkram. Vom Konsum psychoaktiver Substanzen beim Hören würde ich abraten, das Zeug ist wirklich etwas radioaktiv. Read more...


It’s one of the most interesting things I’ve heard over the last couple years. [...] But I can’t let it go at that! The sound is a dense mix of natural and electronic sounds. At various times you hear many things including water, percussion, accordion, piano, and electronics. But there is much more to it than individual instruments and noises. To me it overall feels like what it might be like taking a boat trip through a swampy forest, almost as pictured on the cover art. Read more...

Albert E. Trapezoid

Lock yourself in a room, put the album on, close your eyes and let Makunouchi Bento’s music guide you in the mental creation of an unwritten film about childhood in the heart of the Balkans; a childhood full of exciting camping trips, folk music, 80s synth hits, animals, fears, curiosity, vaguely-understandable adult conversations and their arguments. Read more...

Igor Olejar (Autorotation)

Les deux Roumains de Makunouchi Bento nous offrent gracieusement un album contenant un savoureux mélange d’instrumentations organiques, d’effets sonores sidérants, de petites mélodies fantômes et de sons concrets aux milles humeurs. “Swimé” est un album peu commun, plein de suprises, d’émotions et d’humour, qui évite la posture parfois sérieuse de la musique dite d’avant garde. Fan de Lynch, Tim Burton ou Sergio Leone, cet album vous est destiné. Read more...

Sylvain at Le Petit Agenda

For the Romanian music scene, this is one hell of an experiment - highly sophisticated avant-garde electronic music that is really hard to describe. Tightrope walking on the border towards ambient, they never leave us though in peace - it is a dream scenario undercut with much tension. Not geared towards easy listening, but hey, it's a progress that something this uncommercial and uncompromising comes out of Romania. Read more...

Selenaru_Negrea at RateYourMusic